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History of East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

East Stroudsburg was settled by the Brodhead family in 1737 closing following the settlement of Shawnee (Smithfield) which occurred in the late 1720's by the Depuy family. The settlement of the entire region was by adventurers migrating from the mid Hudson River Valley.

Daniel Brodhead was born April 23, 1693, in Marbletown, N.Y. And as most settlersin this area, he also migrated from the mid Hudson valley. In 1737, Brodhead purchased land in present-day East Stroudsburg, near where Pocono Medical Center now stands. Daniel, his wife, Esther, and their six children built a home on 1,000 acres on Brodhead Creek then known as the Analomink River. The Brodhead's named their property Dansbury Manor. A few years later, Brodhead purchased an additional 500 acres on the west side of the Bropdhead Creek in what is now Stroudsburg.

At this time the area was wilderness. The only neighbor of the Brodhead family was Nicholas DePui (Depue) The families had pleasant relations with each other and with the local peoples, known as the Delaware Indians.

In October 1744, Moravian missionary James Burnside built a small log cabin as a church Dansbury Mission on land donated by Daniel Brodhead.. By 1747, there were nine missionaries, and 28 people took communion in the small chapel.

By 1753, Brodhead replaced the small log cabin and erected two new structures, a parsonage and a chapel. These new structures were located where Second and lower Main streets in Stroudsburg are today. Ephriam Culver became a Moravian and donated land for a burial ground to adjoin the mission property. When it was created, the cemetery had only nine graves: Eales Clarkin, Rachel Connelle, Frederick Countryman, Adam Miller, John Piers, Jocaim Schoonmocker, Peter Schoonmocker, Golding's child and an African-American. The Dansbury Cemetery remains on lower Main Street, Stroudsburg, and holds about 50 original interments of early Monroe County residents.

1755 was a year of trouble. After years of quiet with the Delaware Indians, the interactions between the natives and the colonists became strained. The Walking Purchase of 1737 created lingering resentment and the natives harbored negative feelings.

The Lenni Lenapes chose a new chief, Teedyuscung, in 1754 who ruled over 10 local indian clans. Teedyuscung was forced to move twice due to white settlers having taken over his land. In 1755, with the start of the French and Indian War, Teddyuscung was convinced to travel north to the Wyoming Valley where Iroquois Indians and French military officials convinced the Delaware Chief, along with 70 of his men, to rise up against the white settlers living within the area of the Walking Purchase.

Teedyuscung and his Delaware tribesmen went on a warpath and attacked and killed many settlers and burned their homes. Dansbury Mission was attacked on Dec. 11, 1755, by 200 Indians. Eighty-nine inhabitants of the mission were massacred with only a few escaping and retreating to the Brodhead home, Dansbury Manor.

East Stroudsburg and Pocono Medical Center

Pocono Medical Center began as General Hospital, and was founded in East Stroudsburg on Courtland Street in 1915. The General Hospital was the second of three hospitals that operated in Monroe County during the early half of 20th century. The first of the other two hospitals, the Stroudsburg Private Hospital, founded in 1906 by the physicians of the Monroe County Medical Society, became the Monroe County Hospital. The other was a private hospital started by Dr. Carl B. Rosenkrans in 1924 on Washington Street in East Stroudsburg. This private hospital closed in 1945.

In 1927, the General Hospital moved from its location on Courtland Street to the J.C. Roop estate on East Brown Street, the site now occupied by Pocono Medical Center. On October 30, 1930, the Monroe County Hospital of Stroudsburg and the General Hospital in East Stroudsburg merged to become the General Hospital of Monroe County. This new hospital was situated on the East Brown Street property.

The General Hospital of Monroe County prospered and expanded its size to accommodate the increasing demand for beds and services by the ever-growing population of the Pocono region. In fact, in 1930 when the two hospitals merged, they set a goal of the total number of available beds at 60. At the 50-year mark in 1965, just 35 years later, the bed capacity nearly tripled to 186. In 1999, the official bed count is 192.

ESU History

East Stroudsburg Normal School opened its doors on September 4, 1893.

A faculty of fifteen greeted a group of 320 students who had entered the two-year programs in Elementary and Science Education.

Although the Normal School was originally privately owned, ownership was transferred to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1920, and the name was changed to East Stroudsburg State Normal School.

In 1927, the right to confer the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Education and Bachelor of Science in Health Education was granted, and the School's name then became the State Teachers College at East Stroudsburg.

In 1960, the College's name was changed to East Stroudsburg State College.

In 1962, the College received the right to confer graduate degrees, and the first three graduate areas were Master's of Education in Biological Scinces, General Science, and Health and Physical Education.

In 1963, the College instituted a Bachelor of Arts degree, and in 1969, the first Master of Arts programs, in History and Political Science, were approved.

In November 1982, the State System of Higher Education was authorized by Senate Bill 506. The College officially became East Stroudsburg University on July 1, 1983.

In 1950, East Stroudsburg State Teachers College first received accreditation from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

This accreditation was affirmed in 1992 and, most recently, in 1997.

East Stroudsburg University is a comprehensive university offering an array of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

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